Many individuals who start using their 1st web hosting account, or change companies, usually have enquiries with respect to how certain procedures are accomplished or come across obstacles when setting up various things like e-mails, website settings, etc. For this reason, many web hosting companies have compiled documentation with frequently asked questions and issues in order to help their clients obtain information swiftly and easily. Consequently, the help desk support staff members can spend more time on actual issues that given clients may be experiencing, as the solution for the smaller things will already be available on the World Wide Web and clients can resolve them without having to get in touch with the technical support team. Having exhaustive documentation is quite important, particularly for new clients without any previous experience at all, because the web hosting service involves numerous features and many individuals can get perplexed about what to do. A good information repository can both help you do the things that you wish and acquaint yourself with how the web hosting service works as a whole.

Extensive Online Documentation in Cloud Hosting

If you have ordered your very first cloud hosting plan through our company or have migrated your website over to us, you’ll get familiar with our platform and our custom-built Hepsia hosting Control Panel before you know it due to the fact that we have prepared an elaborate web-based knowledge base where you can find all the info that you will ever need – both general info with regard to the web hosting service as a whole and more concrete info about the different features that you can make use of and the challenges that you can come across. The articles are located in two places. The whole article archive can be accessed through the Help section of the Control Panel. You can read relevant articles about the different features in each section of the Control Panel as well. You can discover how to do pretty much everything, from enabling an .htaccess config file to administering an electronic mailing list, and all the articles offer elaborate guides, so you’ll never become baffled because of an ambiguous text. Needless to say, in case you experience a more specific problem and you cannot find an adequate solution in our knowledge base, you can touch base with our help desk team 24/7.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting include in-depth online documentation where you will find information about all the functions that our in-house developed Hepsia Control Panel offers, along with solutions to different questions and challenges that you could encounter. All installation guides offer elaborate specifications, which means that you won’t have to worry about omitting something if you are aiming to export a MySQL database, for instance. The troubleshooting articles cover a number of probable causes of specific issues and the solution for each and every one of them, so in case you’re unable to send email messages although you have the correct SMTP settings, for instance, you can swiftly see what the reason for this could be and recover the problem with a couple of mouse clicks in your email client. As Hepsia offers quite a lot of features, you will be able to find relevant articles in each section. If you would rather check out all help articles, click on the Help link, which is located in the top right-hand side of the screen.